Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tutorial with John and Jane


  • If someone hasn't got time to work with you or similar then ask for another contact, anyone else you can talk to
  • Ongoing dialogue with companies
  • Preparation- always be prepared
  • Set up seperate page to show you work instead of whole blog so no negatives or struggles are shown
  • Ask to show some work at a later date possibly
  • Some people won't open PDF's so blogs may be better
  • Read 'News' sections on company websites
  • Keep up to date with magazines- Creative Review etc
  • Take pictures of everything
  • Aim high, people you admire
  • Furnish yourself with as much info as possible
  • Try to see the creative director
  • Send 1 piece, next week another, miss a week then send another so they ask you why you missed one
  • Mini blog- images and short explanations of your work
  • C copyright and date your work

1 comment:

  1. thanks for posting your notes from last tuesday- we forget what we say so it will be useful to make notes for the other groups.
    You had quite a week with the group tutorial and the enterprise lecture-both 'you' gazing.good to see you making the links between the two.