Friday, 29 October 2010

The Industry and experience

What is industrial experience?
  • Visiting a professional practice to gain an insight on how you could fit into the industry
  • Gaining some professional experience for yourself
  • Allow you to work in a real life business which relates to your programme of study
  • Stand you in good stead for the future and also give you a real life, in-depth look at the practicalities of working in the industry
  • Ensure that students understand how an organisation functions and how their work can make a contribution.
  • Enhance their learning experience and career prospects by applying their academic knowledge and capabilities in the workplace.

What can you learn from industrial experience?

  • Become aware of the culture and structure of a working environment.
  • Strengthen links with industry and commerce.
  • Develop new capabilities and skills.
  • Gain some direction- where you want to go or where you don't
  • How a professional workplace operates and how you might fit in
  • Gain contacts
  • Learn how to improve your portfolio

What form/ format could industrial experience take?

  • Placements, actually working for a company
  • Visiting studios
  • Networking, gain and increase your contacts
  • Talking to professionals

What areas of industry are you interested in?


Nothing diluted.


The Designers Republic

Still to add more...

What are your concerns about industrial experience?
  • Am I good enough to work in the industry and gain some experience
  • Finding a placement in an area that doesn't suit you or that works in a way that you don't
  • Demand
  • Not being able to gain any experience
  • Lack of confidence

Thursday, 21 October 2010

What Is Good? concept crit


Wrap it up feedback

After my the crit I was pretty surprised with the positive feedback I was given. Things that I've taken into consideration are:

  • the fact that the packaging goes together  to spell a word makes the set more collectable
  • use of range very impressive thinking
  • Really nice hand/die cut element, works nicely to show the two colours. Good choice of nets to reflect word- they're definitely the 'posh' ones
Realising that the nets were a success and effectively reflected my word I am thinking that it something I could further develop for my What Is Good brief as I intent to create a 'posh' sophisticated, packaging food range.